I find that in my life, I will stand firm in my beliefs and my conviction and confess God’s truth to the world, regardless of the obstacles and adversity I will face. Regardless of who we are my concern is always for those I believe in some way are lost. I truly have compassion for all and often will express it in prayer.

No matter what I see in front of me, I always believe it is a “requirement” to pray for others no matter who they are or what they’ve done. No exceptions. My personal feelings, emotions, etc. are to be left at the door. As a believer in the Body of Christ I will never compromise my belief to accommodate someone else.

Anyone that knows me, know I am not afraid to confront conflict. I won’t create it, but I also won’t run from it. Needless to say, out of nowhere came this person who found it necessary to question my religion, or should I say my reality topping it off with a statement that appeared to contradict my conviction, thinking this would solve the problem.

I call these people “naysayers” from the “itty bitty I disagree” committee. Judgment, Authority, and Scripture were the subject of discussion. He implied maybe I don’t read my Bible, with much attitude (with exclamation marks everywhere). Oh, no he didn’t. Oh, yes he did.

“Wow” was all I could think to refrain from bringing out my old character.To say I need to read the Bible because of my comments, which were led by the Spirit, that were not in agreement with what he wanted to hear or that I would agree to not disagree was simply in my opinion, ignorant. Didn’t have time or energy to waste arguing a point. And out of respect, I choose not to discredit his “viewpoint.” Wanted to be fair. He’s entitled.

My point was this and only this. Simply, “It is not my place to judge. God judges ALL sins and punishes them appropriately.” He is not a respecter of person. He does not show favoritism or partiality. God is just, fair, equal. Point blank. Then subtly there it was Scripture- He said this, “Those who have authority are placed by God (in scripture) so let those in authority judge.” Me: “Point taken.”

But…don’t use the Word to validate your position. My Opinion: People God place in authority do not have a right to judge but a duty to be impartial, fair, and just. I respect people in authority. I do not refute the idea that God has placed government and its leaders in power. This is all God.

But be CLEAR, they do not have ultimate power. It is God who gives them authority. They are put in positions to lead but will only do so under His authority. Because God has ALL authority. As for my reading the Bible, I didn’t need to dignify this with an answer but only say, I do and my thoughts may never be what others think it should be because it doesn’t matter. Anyone can “read” the Bible but I believe to know the Word is to understand the Word, thus in order to truly live by the Word you must do what it says (James 1:22).

I am still a work in progress/process. I do my best to operate by the Spirit and not by the flesh. Yet I am human and will falter from time and time. Forgive me. Yet I will never compromise who I am and who I’ve become and make another’s life easy or better yet condone their ignorance. God’s Word is written on my heart. Evidenced in the things He’s done and what I know he can do even when I haven’t seen it. “Faith”

Let me make this plain; “To believe God’s Word is to believe the truth- God’s WORD is the Truth.” This is my belief. “Say what you mean.” Don’t seek out others to pick on just because you don’t have the tenacity to admit that you’re wrong. Don’t blame because you “think” you’re right.

My brother reminded me of something my father once said, “Don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t know what you already know. Know that you know what you already know.” Because “You know that you know.” I love my Dad. He is a wise man. —JD


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