What Makes Us Believe?

What we see shouldn’t determine our faith because it exists.
It’s what we don’t see that will make the difference.

Our perception of reality is what we believe.
God’s a spiritual being we can’t see.

What is it about him that makes us believe?
Is it his nature? His character? The promises he makes?
Or is it the promises he never breaks?

Is it the way he lives or reside in our hearts?
Based on His Word we hold high and will never depart?

Or is it because we grew up this way?
Because matriarchs and patriarchs led the way?
And instilled belief of God in our younger days.
That shaped our development, our behavior, our ways.

Or is it because of what you now know?
As a result of the fast life you lived then slowed… down.

Whatever the reason, I don’t need to know.
Just thought I’d pose the question because I know why I do.
Why I believe in God.
Just wanted to see if you knew too. 🙂 —JD



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