Is Gun Control and Mental Illness Still Not An Issue?

rose I am not one to look at the news because it can be so disturbing. Yet at times I can’t help but stumble across it because it’s everywhere.

As I’m sitting in my room preparing my mind for my morning mediation and thinking about my future, I hear two stories about gun violence where an innocent man was killed and an innocent 6-year old child was taken hostage in Dale, Alabama. Then another story interrupts regular programming to report a shooting that occurred minutes ago where a gunman went into a building of various offices and commenced to shooting innocent people in Glendale, Arizona.

And to make matters worse, a 15 year old girl who performed at the President’s inauguration was a victim of homicide. Where again, a man opened fire in a park, allegedly for no apparent reason. With all that’s going on, it undoubtedly increases concern on the issue of gun control laws. And as it seems, there are too many flaws.

What is going on in this world today? Why are people killing people for no reason? What is it that this has become the most common occurrence of this season? Too many innocent children are dying. Too many innocent lives are being taken. When will the violence stop? When will we be safe? When will this be the case? Senseless murders cease and we are able to find peace.

I’ve tried my best to refrain from speaking out on gun control and mental health. But I strongly believe something needs to happen before unnecessary killings continue to happen.

Something has to be done. Or we will continue to see things like this occur. Gun control is necessary to get this matter under control. Tougher gun laws are unavoidable.

Please don’t take this in the wrong way. But this is something the world needs to also be concerned with today. Mental health is also a major issue society is in denial of. The fight needs to continue that they may get the help they deserve.

Granted, unanswered homicides occur every day. But to continue to see senseless crimes as is the case with children and unprotected victims like the children of Sandy Hook. Leads me to believe it’s more than what we are seeing.

My mental health background reminds me of the copy cat effect. Where we would often see mental health consumers commit crimes labeled “copy cat acts.” That was triggered by headline news of similar acts.

Do you notice, ever since the Sandy Hook tragedy, acts keep occurring similar to this? As well as include a suspect with a history of violence, instability, or mental illness. Do you think this is something we should continue to ignore? Or should we take the time to seriously explore? Why this is happening and what it will take? In order to change gun laws or mental health mandates.

Again, please don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean there’s a mental, unstable person behind every instance of gun violence. However, with many occurrences, some suspects have a history of mental illness and their thoughts cannot be silenced. There is a pattern that exists. In the number of senseless acts we’re seeing since the Sandy Hook tragic event.

Too many people are dying at the hands of alleged unstable people. Guns don’t control people. Nor do they kill people. People control guns and kill other people.

I’ve lived my entire life with the belief that God protects me. I’ve never found the need to obtain a gun of any kind to protect me. God is my shield. He’s my protector from the storm and rain. He has kept me all these years from the hands of man.

I’m not one to judge or comment on things such as this. But when will the violence end? Is gun control and mental illness still not an issue? As innocent victims are being killed or wounded and lives are being taken.

This is my plea. There’s too much going on in this world we continue to see. We need you Lord, oh ever so desperately. There are people taking the lives of innocent people because of their misery or instability.

God send your angels to keep us safe. Jesus, be a fence around this entire place. Protect the innocent from those walking into places shooting others for no reason. Regardless of the fact things happen in and out of season. Please give us Godly wisdom to understand the underlying issues so that resolve may be found. To lessen the impact of what we’re seeing now.

If you don’t know God now’s a good time to seek Him. Nothing in this life happens on a whim. We’re living in the last days where nothing’s beneath man. Accept Jesus. Believe. Confess and believe in the Son of God. Not the son of man.

Jesus is the answer for the world today. We are not promised tomorrow or today. We are here on borrowed time. For every problem in your life, seek God each and every time. There is no one else above him. He is Lord our God. Find him. Seek the Lord. Be blessed! -JD

Psalm 105:4 “Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore!

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”


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2 responses to “Is Gun Control and Mental Illness Still Not An Issue?

  1. Absolutely. Signs of the time. And a reminder that we must be ready when the day comes, not in order to brag about what we’ve done or who we’ve become, but be held accountable for what we haven’t done. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. If we don’t get nothing else, we need to get this right. Thanks!


  2. I definitely must have been under a rock. I had no idea about the Alabama incident, the 15-year old nor the other shooting you referred to until last night when I turned on the 10:00 pm evening news. All while Congressional members sit at a hearing trying to lobby for more guns. You summed it up well . . .”We’re living in the last days where nothing’s beneath man.”