Are You Just Like Me?

Watched the first installment of the Bible Series Sunday night on the History Channel and was in total awe.

The program was such a powerful illustration of the Bible and the characters presented seemed as real as I imagined when reading about them during my time of devotion and meditation.

I sat in awe with chills running down my spine as my heart raced. It was as though I was physically a part of the story being told; like I was literally there.

It began with the book of Genesis and spoke of Abraham, Moses and others. While I will not go into the whole story as I am confident many of us who follow God’s Word should be familiar with. What I found interesting is, during this program, just as many characters I saw within the telling of the Bible, I could feel a connection to these people. Which led me to believe there are still some people that exist in this world who are like them; Obedient, faithful, steadfast, and dedicated to God in their works and service. They were committed to Him.

I found myself thinking as I always do when presented with things such as this, “Are there people all over this world in some ways that may be just like me?” Ones who may be lonely, yet unlike me, do not feel alone. I know God sits on the throne. Missing a loved one who is far away but know God is there every day. They may be in love with someone who they shouldn’t be but unlike me,  loves God unconditionally. Harboring secrets that may astound you, yet unlike me, is a faith testament of what God has done for me. It is my testimony.

There are ones who have hopes and dreams but do not know what lie ahead. They don’t know how they will make it or how mouths will get fed. They look at others on the streets, wondering what they have been through. They question what they are going through too. But unlike me, who kept the faith even in times of brokenness and despair while I waited. Unlike me, who have relied on the power of God to see me through. Ynlike me, stood on the Word of God and what he promised to do. For I know the plans God have for me. Plans to prosper and not harm me. Jeremiah 29:11

So it is with this I say, there may be people out there that may be just like me. And I often wonder when I see. If I were to tell them anything about me would they understand? Would they know that it was God who held my hand…through the storm and through the rain, only to live again? Would they know that it was God who kept me? Even though, when faced with trials and tribulations, it was Him I could not see. Would they know he walked in front, behind, and alongside me? Would they know he never failed me in spite of me? Would they know it was God that carried me?

I say, “Yes, they will” because it will be the light of Jesus they see in the reveal. Of what I shall profess he has done for me. When he took my brokenness and set me free.

The next time you encounter someone that may not look like you. And often wonder what they may have been through. Remember they may be just like you. If you tell them your story and they understand what you have been through. And want to know the image of  God they see in you. Because with God, they can too, be just like you. The new creature in Christ, God has made you.

We all are made for God’s glory. And with life’s trials, we all have a story. Let the glory of God shine through you, not that others may be just like you. But be just like the image of Jesus they see in you. When old things pass away and the new have come. They will know God’s Will can and will be done.

For I Am who God Says I Am.

Be blessed! –JD

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God had prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”


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