What Instruction Manual Are You Following?

One day while watching someone put together an item they purchased, I thought about how there are many things we acquire for personal use that will come with step-by-step instructions we are to follow that will result in a finished product.

This in turn started the wheels turning in my head as I began to compare this with life and instructions God provides that we are to follow to live a fulfilled, abundant life.

I began to think about my experiences and realized that with every encounter in life, we can interpret it as an analogy to what we are to do according to what God instructs. Much like a road map, we are to adhere to every direction so as not to get lost.

When you think of instructions that come with any item, you will notice it comes with a step-by-step process along with illustrations to depict what the product will look like once it is completed.

Oftentimes, if you’re anything like me, many of us will look at the instructions and feel by looking at the picture, believe in our mind we can put it together without following the instructions.

Basically, we are convinced we can bypass steps in order to finish what we think “we” alone can do. However in doing so, we will miss important steps that will result in an unfinished product. As is the same with life experiences and the manner in which we are to live according to God’s instructions.

It is not until we start putting it all together and come to the realization that we messed up because we missed one very important step, resulting in error. Or what I like to call trial and error. As a result, we have to start over again and try to find the step we missed before it can actually be completed correctly.

Sounds familiar? Much like what we do when making a mess of our life based on decisions “we” think are best and find ourselves faced with consequences we suffer as a result of our own doing.

While it may be easy to think we don’t have to follow instructions for righteous living and accept the fact that everything will be grand, only to live at our own risk and suffer at our own expense. It can be that much easier to believe, on the contrary, that instructions are necessary to sustain and avoid unnecessary time wasted and senseless suffering if only we would take the time to read what has been given to us for free; The Bible.

When we don’t follow instructions from things we purchase that are carefully put together for our own use, free of charge, we should not be surprised when the project cannot be completed properly. Which leads me to ask, “How then can we expect to become the finished product of what God has designed us to be if we fail to follow instructions He provide to us for free?” What instruction manual are you following?

The answer is relatively simple. The Bible literally is our instruction manual. And should be one you are following continually.

God gives us detailed instructions that we may live as he intended. He sets the blueprint we are to follow to find success in our endeavors. His wisdom is never-ending. His instructions will guide and lead us in the right direction. Simply put, the Bible is essential to live by. It’s for our protection.

And it does not require much effort on our part. All it takes is setting time aside making God the priority by reading, meditating, studying, and following his Word. As you work to move towards application.

As you study, work to apply Biblical principles to your life situations. As you read, learn lessons from principles embedded in passages. As you follow, apply what you learn by doing as God commands.

The Bible is our instruction manual. Use it wisely. Study it carefully. Abide by it diligently and obediently. Follow the instructions God have set before you that you may live life abundantly.

Be blessed! -JD

Matthew 17:24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”


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2 responses to “What Instruction Manual Are You Following?

  1. Beautifully stated! No matter what instruction manual someone follows. The point is to study, and apply those principles to your life situations. And also apply what you learn by doing as God commands.


    • Thank you! I concur. Whatever instruction manual you follow, the most important thing is to study, follow and apply the principles you learn to your life situation by doing as God commands.