National Day of Prayer – May 2, 2013

The nation will gather together May 2, 2013 to commemorate National Day Of Prayer.

Please join in as millions of Americans and prayer intercessors across the nation pray collectively for America.

With all that we are seeing around us, America needs God’s intervention now more than ever. We are in need of healing, restoration, peace, unity, and deliverance.

No matter our differences or personal preferences, let us stand in agreement and gather in unity as we intercede in prayer on behalf of the world. Prayer changes things. And with prayer, we can transform the world. We can make a difference.

While we are to pray every day, wherever you are or whatever you may be doing, please take a moment to do whatever you can to share in this important National Day of Prayer. Be it corporately or individually, pray on behalf of the nation for deliverance and peace.

Be blessed! -JD

Matthew 12:21 “In his name the nation will put their hope.”



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