Pray for the Children

God is good!
TODAY’S HEADLINE: “Girl who sparked debate gets lung transplant.”

“Sarah Murnaghan, the 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl whose quest for new lungs spurred changes in the nation’s allocation system, was set to receive a transplant today, her mother said.”

“God is great! He moved the mountain! Sarah got THE CALL,” Janet Murnaghan wrote on her Facebook page early Wednesday.”‘

“The mother said Sarah, who was declining rapidly from end-stage cystic fibrosis, would head into surgery this morning.”


A few days ago I was watching the midday news and heard about a 10-year little girl who is dying from Cystic Fibrosis who needed a lung transplant but no longer had to wait. A U.S. District Judge ruled she be added to the adult waiting list after her family had been fighting a rule that prevented children from receiving adult lungs. She remains on the priority list for a lung from a pediatric donor.

When I heard this, I was ecstatic, almost in tears. Children affect my heart in a way that is indescribable. They are defenseless and need love, support, and encouragement no matter what their diagnosis or non-diagnosis may be. They are a gift from God.

The 10-year old little girl named Sarah Murnaghan dying of Cystic Fibrosis had been on the list waiting for the past 18 months. The parents filed a lawsuit because they felt…

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