Aren’t You Glad God Knows You!

Lone Oak TreeDon’t allow the very thing you let rob you of your future, come back to haunt you from your past in your present. Let it go. Let God. Leave it in the past.

Complacency has always been one of many areas I struggle with in my life. I live in a box where if one thing around me changes, I get stuck staying with that one thing in my refusal to look outside the box of potential advancement where that one thing would lead me. In other words, I close myself off to anything that will require extra work to advance. I become comfortable where I find myself after taking the first step and make the decision to only take the second step if it is easy. Thus, giving up the potential of what’s to come.

I’ve learned through my experiences and something my daughter told me a few months ago that anything worth having won’t be easy and will take hard work. Meaning there will be some challenges that will require an effort on my part.

So, I took that as a lesson learned and am working to let go of complacency and comfortableness. And learn to be open to change and challenges. I say, “When God speaks, listen. You may hear a small whisper. That’s his voice you hear. Listen. Otherwise, he will send someone to advise you of the very thing he tried to tell you, when you chose not to listen.”

When you’re in darkness, Satan is content. He knows what he can use against you to gain victory. Don’t give in. Put on the armor of God. Stand. You’ll have victory. With God, you will win.

After looking at and thinking on these things, I designed a Monday Mantra Memo that says, “Don’t chase something that is not chasing you. Dream chasers follow dreams in pursuit; of excellence. Follow your dreams. Follow that which affords you to become the best you. Become great just as God designed you.”

God gave you many gifts. The greatest gift he gave was Himself to you. He gave you life. There’s no excuse. You now have something to give back to him. The greatest gift you can give to him is you. Use your gifts wisely. Do what he’s called you to do. Glorify God.  Don’t become complacent. Serve him in all you do.

Don’t look to man in the process. Look to God. Don’t miss him in the process. It’s all God. For it is not people who will elevate you. God elevates you.

God knows and is with me. He is always thinking of me. If I were to count how much He thinks of me, I would not be able to keep record of it. Therefore, if he can think that much of me, I can’t help but to glorify him in it. As I think of all the wonderful things he’s done for me. I will not become complacent and miss the opportunity. To serve God with the gifts he’s given me. I will honor him in all my doings to please him. Glory!

Aren’t you glad God knows you! I Am!

Be blessed! –JD

Psalm 139:17-18 “How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! 18Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand– when I awake, I am still with you.” (NIV)


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2 responses to “Aren’t You Glad God Knows You!

  1. Not only am I glad that God knows me, I am more ecstatic that I know HIM.