It All Will Work For the Greater Good

There are people who may try to do what you do. They may even try to imitate you. But they can’t take away what God has for you. There are some that may be working against you. God knows and sees everything. What he has for you is for you.

Be careful who you share your dreams with. You can’t tell everybody everything about yourself. You must keep some things to yourself. Not everybody will celebrate you. You can’t share your dreams with everybody else. Trust God. His purpose will manifest and speak for itself.

When thinking about the issue of trust, I am reminded of an incident that occurred some years ago where I proposed, I thought was a great idea for the department I worked in. I felt the development of a quality assurance process would be beneficial and would help minimize errors and decrease losses in the department while increasing accuracies to the workflow.

After talking with another colleague and mentioning my idea, we managed to put together a proposal to submit to upper management. Well, as it turns out, they rejected the idea and gave lack of funding as reason for the denial. To my surprise, I later learned my supervisor took the idea to management and proposed it as his own. My name was never mentioned. Yet, God still covered me and exposed the true nature of the person I thought could be trusted.

I try not to judge people. I also am a pretty good judge of character. My downfall though is I believe everyone has the ability to do good acts. And everyone should work to do right all the time. I am naïve when it comes to right and wrong. I imagine we all have some small radar inside that signals us to know the difference between the two and we will do what’s right not when necessary but because we should. But that’s just me.

When I hear of incidents in the news where people commit unconscionable acts, my first instinct is disbelief. I cannot believe someone would do something like that. I cannot imagine a person doing such a thing without knowing it was the wrong thing to do.

I’m reminded of the story of what happened to Joseph when he shared his dreams with his brothers. They were jealous of him, turned on him, and stripped him of his coat. But that didn’t take away his integrity. God knew what he had already prepared for him. God was with him. His purpose was fulfilled through him.

In spite of his brothers working against him as the enemy, who tried to kill his dreams, he overcame. Although he may have suffered and had some struggles, God’s plan was greater in the end. Joseph forgave his brothers. God’s purpose was served in the end. For God, he did great things. He used Joseph as the vessel to carry out his will. His dreams were carried out in spite of them. God gave Joseph the gift to interpret dreams but it was not the dreams that helped Joseph interpret its meaning. It was his knowledge of God. God set him up to fulfill his dreams. It was all God.

Even at my age I am still learning how to not be so naïve, just as Joseph who was too. I know the difference between discerning and judging others. I have love for all my sisters and brothers. I’ve always been one to share my goals and aspirations with others. I hardly ever think about the motives or intentions of them. I try to think in terms of good things about them. God also gives me discernment. No matter what or regardless of their intent, I know in the end it won’t stop God’s intent. What God has for me is for me. No one or nothing can ever take it away from me. Just as he has for me, he has for you. No one can stop the plans God has for you.

I heard this from my Bishop at church today and it serves as confirmation of the words I’ve chosen to share today. “God has a gift that isn’t just for me here locally, but for the nation. He will make me great to the nations. And he will bless me. He will bless those who bless me, help those who help me. He will curse those who curse me, and punish those who hurt me.” I will be what God has called me to be. God’s purpose will manifest through me.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that opportunities may come when we least expect them. We must be prepared for the unexpected. Yet sometimes we aren’t, especially when we think we are. We must make sure we have the right relationship with God. When opportunities come don’t miss or misinterpret them; be ready. Stay close to God. Be ready!

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Rom 8:28 KJV).

What man meant for evil, God meant for good. No matter the situation or what others think or do. It all will work for the greater good.

Be blessed! -JD

1 Corinthians 12:7-9: 11 “Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. 8To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the Spirit, 9to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit,… 11All these are the work of and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines.” (NIV)

“The greater the gifts are, the more the possessor is exposed to temptations, and the larger is the measure of grace needed to keep him humble and spiritual; and he will meet with more painful experiences and humble dispensations. We have little cause to glory in any gifts bestowed on us or to despise those who have them not.” – (Taken from Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary at

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