The Art of Patience | Post-Graduation

When I first read this post from my phone two weeks ago, I held on to it to read and re-read along with the fact my headaches were so bad that I could not think or find strength to put my thoughts together, deciding at that moment a desire to reblog it to share with others because it touched me so deeply.
Many of the words and thoughts shared by Lady Journal met me at my core simply because I find my situation similar to many of the things she touch on as well as find myself in this season of trying to understand “patience.” Thank you so much Lady Journal for a well-written, beautiful post.
I couldn’t help but share this. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
This is my first time reblogging someone else’s post so please bear with me if it doesn’t appear correctly. Let’s hope it does. Blessings! -Joaynn

Samantha Cabrera

Dear Post-Graduates,

I understand very well that it takes time to find yourself steady after graduation; meaning, you have a job (with benefits), you have a steady income and you know pretty much where you’re headed. For many graduates, they already have this–maybe even a happy marriage with little ones. For me, it’s a lot different. Oh, and I’m in college debt (as I’m sure majority of graduates still are). The one that’s considered “good debt”.


I don’t have a steady career right now. I’m a freelancer and an artist, but God knows how much I’ve been praying for a wonderful job that I can do well, especially to start paying off all of this college debt. But He also knows I dream of pursuing my M.A. in English or Creative Writing. So, there’s to more dream debt. And, He knows that I’m not even close to marriage or…

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