“But You Don’t Look Sick”

wpid-textgram_1386924105.pngWhen you’re hurting on the inside but dressed nicely and look good on the outside. “But you don’t look sick.” What people don’t know, on the outside looks can be deceiving.

They don’t need to know you’re sick. Keep your head up. Smile. Dress well. All that matters; God is a healer. He knows you’re sick.

“But you don’t look sick.”

Be blessed! -JD


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4 responses to ““But You Don’t Look Sick”

  1. Amen! My daughter suffers from Crohns and even the doctors comment about how good she looks despite how severe her disease.


    • That’s amazing! I love when I hear stories like this. It’s encouraging and inspiring to know whatever we may suffer with, we may have it, but it does not have us 🙂 Blessings to you and your daughter!


  2. Amen, sister. Press into Him. He upholds you with His right hand. This is when His hugs matter more than anything.


    • Amen sister! Amen. His right hand establishes me a victor in this battle. And for that I am thankful. ((hugs)) Thanks Susan. As always, your words inspire. Blessings!