Happy Cinco de Mayo!

wpid-photogrid_1399319118366.jpgTo those of you who celebrate today, Happy Cinco de Mayo Day!

In observation of Cinco de Mayo many across America will celebrate and acknowledge Mexico’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. To the Mexican army who fought the battle and won, “Thank You!”

The holiday commemorates the Battle of Puebla that occurred on May 5, 1862 and celebrates the cause of freedom and bravery of the Mexican army, who, although were outnumbered in battle, achieved a symbolic victory in defeat over French forces.

Today symbolizes unity and pride.  As a nation, we will come together in unity to honor its significance and embrace Mexican heritage and pride. Commemorate the victory of those who fought for the cause of freedom worldwide. Enjoy the beautiful, vibrant festivities, great food, music, parades, and ceremonies.

Happy Cinco de Mayo Day! Here’s to you. Celebrate!



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