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Peace Be Still

“Peace, be still.
God, calm storms raged around and within us.
Open the floodgates of heaven.
Bestow mercy upon us.
Shower rain of blessings upon us.”

After this morning’s meditation and spending time with God, I reached for my phone to read notices I observed that were in queue from a social media friend who lives in Texas.

In anticipation of reading her messages to complete my happy morning as I always do because she never fails to send godly, inspiring words of wisdom and encouragement, I never would have imagined she was sending sad news.

To my surprise, it began with news of disaster which noted the powerful storm that hit North Texas last night leaving the city in devastation. There were 6 people killed, several injured, and hundreds left homeless. A storm, yet again, that left a mark of pain and devastation on the lives of a community who will never be the same.

After describing details of an uneventful act of nature, she briefly began to speak about storms in our lives and compared its similarity to the impact we experience when faced with storms of life.

I began to think, “Imagine what it is like to be in conflict when faced with storms that rage within us?” Where we search desperately for refugee in the hopes it would die down or go away and leave us. Only to find there’s no place to run or no place to go or hide. Much like ones whose homes were destroyed as a result of last night’s storm and are now are faced with seeking shelter in an unfamiliar place. But are to be thankful in spite of because of God’s grace?

In life we are faced with storms similar as this that may bring pain, sorrow, depression, or hopelessness. Feelings of loneliness and despair only to feel God is not there. Wondering how will we recover? Only to discover; God was there all the time in spite of how we felt.

Do not be discouraged. Let your hearts not be troubled. God is a present help in time of trouble. Cast your cares upon him. He will give you rest.  It may not look like it now in the wake of devastation, but God knows best. He will calm the raging storm around and within you. He is there for you. Be hopeful. Have faith in God. Trust the Lord.

My thoughts and prayers are with every family who has been affected by last night’s powerful, devastating storm that they may find peace, strength, and comfort. Jesus be a fence. Send your armor of protection to surround them. Guard their hearts. Give them patience not to give up. Hope to grow in grace of blessings that will overflow from God’s cup. Give them strength to endure in the wake of devastation. Be patient.

Peace be still….

Be blessed! -JD

2 Thessalonians 3:16 NLT “Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation. The Lord be with you all.”

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