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God Conceived in You the Vision. Move! Give Birth to God’s Vision!

Give birth to God’s vision!Before you were formed in the womb, God knew you. You were appointed. You were set apart. He knew everything about you (Jer 1:5).

God conceived in you the vision. He birthed something inside you. He planted the seed that will bring forth good fruit. You were called. God set you apart for his use. You’re pregnant with possibilities. But before you deliver, there’s a process you will have to endeavor.

The birthing process will involve preparation and planning before labor and delivery take place. You will experience birthing pains. There will be adjustments and changes you will be required to make. There will be trials. You may feel like giving up when going from place to place. It may seem like forever. Hold on. God will prosper you in the thing he called you to do. In your faith, stand firm.

God will prepare and equip you. He will perfect you. It will begin with God’s plan and will end with purpose. It will fulfill God’s purpose.  God plans, he prepares, he delivers. You will see the fruits of your labor in delivery. In the end, it will glorify God. All glory to God.

Trials test us to manifest God’s plan. When faced with circumstances, trust that it is part of God’s plan. When you go through the storm, you may not understand why it took so long to get through. It is the testing of your faith that will bring you through. God will bring you through the storm and the rain. You will find purpose for your pain. God’s plan is to prosper us and not to harm us. Planning and preparation is required and will be necessary for us.

“Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?” says the LORD. “Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?” says your God (Isa 66:9).” God plans, he prepares, he will deliver. Trust God to bring forth the vision. God will not position us for greatness without preparing us for destiny. He will put us in position to fulfill his vision. We will walk in our destiny.

When God transitions you, He closes one door. He will open another door. Leave the past behind. Walk through the open door. Don’t look to the north, south, east or west. Lift up your eyes unto the hills from whence cometh your help (Ps 121:1).

Do not be in pursuit of power or in pursuit of pleasure while you wait. Whatever your gift, keep the faith. Use your gifts in proportion to the measure of your faith.  Before you set out to do the work of the Lord, allow God’s plan to work in your life that it may glorify God.

God wants to take you to the next level. Get ready. The playing field has been leveled. Don’t stay bound. Walking in wilderness for years like the Israelites. They traveled in circles, going around and around. God conceived in you the vision. God put you in the right place at the right time. Move! Give birth to God’s vision! It’s time.

Be blessed! –JD

Isaiah 55:11 “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; It shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” (NIV)

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Don’t Move Too Fast; Let go. Let God.

The Temptation of Christ, 1854
The Temptation of Christ, 1854 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When God birth something in you, he’s faithful and will do just as he promised you. Birthing pains may be hard but the reward, “My God!”

When we are pregnant with possibilities, we can’t help but to give birth to the very thing God sent to us. There will be labor pains and when it’s close to delivery, the devil will do everything in his power to distract us.

Let no man distract and deter you from God’s plan. God got this. It’s all in his hands. You may go through trials. Tribulations will come. In the end, God will be glorified! It’s already done.

Upon reflecting on the greatness of God and what he is doing in my life, the past few months have been what I call heartbreaking, disappointing, surreal, emotional, different, yet fulfilling.

Filled with anxiety, fear (yes, fear), and a multitude of emotions I never thought would happen given my level of faith and trust in God. But as with all things that are new to us, I believe in some way it is to be expected. However it should not be a place you remain too long or where you too often find yourself stagnated.

You see, eleven years ago God gave me a vision. And before I became ill and limited with the use of my hands, I had an idea I felt would be of benefit to a target market I felt was not being tapped into. God had a plan.

Being the unique person I am because with most things I choose not to fall into the norm or fit in with what society deems as stereotypical, I love when a challenge presents itself and I work to solve it. I refuse to find myself defeated where others may find themselves in life, and couldn’t help but stand up to the challenge during one of the most tumultuous times of my life.

I delved into a project and took the liberty of using what most would not believe was the right program to create unique designs, from a flowchart program one fellow classmate blessed me with who worked for a reputable technology corporation when I could not afford it at a time.

I kept trying to figure out what to do with this thing only to lose hope and eventually gave up trying. I was impatient and disobedient. I kept trying to do it my way and couldn’t see my own fault in it. The devil had me spent. Then one day I stopped trying.

It was not until recently God set forth the plan and has been guiding my footsteps ever since. The transition has been smooth and seamless of which I can accredit to my being obedient in following his leading and not the leading of what I thought was best for me. God knew I needed every bit of more than eleven years to prepare me.

While there are still times I feel exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, irritated, and can’t see the end result of what God has prepared for me. I am assured this is a task God has assigned specifically for me. I have the greatest joy because I know God is with me. He is in front, on side, behind and goes before me. And I know I am on the right path God is leading me.

Everything happens in God’s time. It doesn’t matter what you or others may have in mind. God’s agenda is never our agenda. We may have a different plan but our agenda is not his agenda. The devil will try to make everything you do look good to you, even when it’s bad for you. And will try to convince you it’s what you are supposed to do. He wants you to think you are to follow your own lead when in fact, if you make the choice to do so you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Whenever God is at work, the devil is unrelenting. He is mad and wants to get even. He won’t stop until he gets your attention. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s. Know this, when the enemy comes to fight, put on the full armor of God. Take a stand against him. Be strong in the Lord (Eph 6:10-11).

When you tell God your plans, he smiles at you. You may think because you say so, it’s already worked out for you. In reality, God knows how it will end for you. God is in control. He has control over everything. Your plans are never his plans. Your agenda is not his agenda. He is the Author and Finisher.

When you take one step, God takes two. Although you can’t see him, envision footprints in the sand that will show a set of two. This is what it tells you. God is carrying you. His plan is much greater for you than what you may think when you follow you.

God will order your steps. Don’t move too fast. Remember, what you do for Christ and not for yourself or others, will last. Walk in obedience. Wait on God.

Don’t move too fast; let go. Let God.

Be blessed! –JD

1 Corinthians 8:1-3 “… It is true, of course, that “all of us have knowledge”, as they say. Such knowledge, however, puffs a person up with pride; but love builds up. 2Those who think they know something really don’t know as they ought to know. 3But the person who loves God is known by him.”

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