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Designed for Greatness

This is a poem my youngest daughter wrote in the wee hours of the morning today and sent to me for inspiration. Letting me know God designed me for greatness.

I couldn’t help but share. You are designed for greatness. I hope it will inspire you as well.

  Designed for Greatness

You are a great creature
Designed for great things
You were created in His image
So why wouldn’t you be?

His love for you is infinite
And although this you cannot see
He shows you every day
By giving you chances to be

Dreams, hopes, and aspirations
Is what he has for you
But he cannot do all the work
Your part you must contribute

You are a great creature
Designed for many things
Born with all the same
But living in different ways

The playing ground is even
Although some wouldn’t say the same
Contrary to belief, his plan for you is clear
Almost at the finish line, do not stop here

                                                                                     By K Thomas

Be blessed! -JD



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