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What Matters?

What MattersWe were looking for some papers  today and stumbled upon some poems I wrote in my 2nd year of college at the ripe old age of 34, of which my English professor’s critique was pretty good.

What astounded me most was how the poems were a reflection of the emotions I was feeling at that point and time in my life in regards to people who either were suffering at no fault of their own or were struggling just to make it in this life.

Even more surprising is it appears much of what I felt then seems to have come full circle to the place where I am now in my life. It also tells me how passionate I was then and still am now about people and the world we exist in. Wow… I’ve come a long ways, twenty years to be exact, and I still care.  I still have a heart and passion for children, the sick, and people from all walks of life. Amazing!

Over the next few posts, in between my normal posts, I will step out of my comfort zone and share them with you. This will be the first of my “mini-series.” I hope you enjoy.

What Matters?

It doesn’t make a difference what color you are,
Because love should conquer all near or far
Nor does it make a difference why we are here
Because in the end we all have that fear
That death is evident and we all will die,
But what should matter are the blue skies and sun
And what we all can do to live together peacefully as one.


What matters is the air we breathe,
The starving people in this world we need to feed.
The precious meaning of life itself,
In whatever situation we find ourselves
The endless efforts to find a cure for AIDS,
Through benefits and charities with funds that are raised.


What matters is the opportunity we all share,
When we are healthy and alive,
Because with the way the world is today
It’s a never ending struggle to survive.
Life is what matters, so live it, love it, or leave it be
Because we are not here for eternity. 



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