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Celebrate YOU Today. Declare, No Matter What Happens, Today is Going to be a Great Day!

wpid-img_20150401_110056.jpgLadies and gentlemen, this one is for you. No matter what you may be facing, know that God loves you. In times of distress, look to the Lord. Cast all your cares upon the Lord. Look to the hills from whence cometh your help. Know that God is a present help.

People will misunderstand, criticize, and betray you. Don’t let it discourage you. God is a just God. He sees you. He will promote you.

People may have left you. You survived the pain. You outlived what tried to kill you. You overcame. Life may have been hard. But God. Thank you Jesus.

When things don’t go your way and you feel God didn’t do what you want, thank him for saving you from what he knew wouldn’t be for your good.

Take these simple words of advice and make a declaration. “I am believing God with great expectations. Today is the day I will not let anything stand in my way from receiving all that God has promised me. I am victorious. I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. The Lord is on my side. I am WINNING!”

Satan is the father of lies! He wants to separate you from the Father. He lies. Don’t believe you can’t be used by God. Get up. Do something. Go get your blessing!

Today is the day you celebrate YOU. Thank God for all you’ve been through. Have no regrets. God knew best. Send “thank you” cards to the people who left. Tell them, “Look at God. He did that!”

Be blessed! – JD

Psalm 106:1, 2; 4, 5 Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Who can utter the mighty deeds of the Lord, or declare all his praise? Remember me, Lord, when you show favor to your people, come to my aid when you save them, that I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones, that I may share in the joy of your nation and join your inheritance in giving praise. (ESV)

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Simple Words of Wisdom

After suffering a significant number of headaches in addition to acute flare ups of Fibromyalgia symptoms the past few weeks, today is the first day in a long time I’ve managed to collect my thoughts with a few random sayings and feel well enough to transfer a few words of wisdom from my head to the place you are now reading in order to create a post. Each saying is not in any particular order and came off the top of my head. Thought I’d share before I lay down my head. Enjoy!

wpid-textgram_1386018284.pngNew you. New attitude. Make it that when people see you they’re confused. Throw them off when you react differently; they will see the new you and no longer see the “old me.”

Stop relying on people to embrace or validate you. They may say or do things to hurt you. You’re beautiful in God’s eyes. His word is truth. Love those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Be good to those who despise you. For those who don’t like you say, “God bless you.” No matter how people may treat you, God will take care of you. They’re not in control of your destiny. With God on your side, you win.

As seasons change, is the same reason God allows seasons to change. God uses circumstances to speak to you. The devil is a liar! God got you! Lot’s wife looked back when told not to and turned to a pillar of salt. Don’t look back on the past only to kill your future. Press forward.

Be careful who you surround yourself with. The devil comes in sheep’s clothing. Everybody that’s praying with you ain’t praying for you. Satan will find his way into any situation to gain victory. You don’t have to wait until the battle is over to shout. With God fighting your battles, you’ve got the victory!

Simple words of wisdom…

Be blessed! –JD

Ephesians 4:22-24 “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; 23 to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24 and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” (NIV)

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