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Until You Walk in My Shoes You Probably Can’t Fit, Don’t Judge Me. One Day You May Have To Walk in My Shoes and Travel the Same Journey


People can be all for you and will walk with you until you break the heel of your shoes. They will scatter, nowhere to be found, only to abandon you. You will find yourself trying to repair what’s broken, alone. The journey may seem hard and the road you travel will be long.

You will lose some things along the way. People will gossip behind your back. You will find out who your real friends are and know for sure who don’t have your back. In the journey, one thing for sure you will come to understand, just how faithful God is. Until you walk in someone else shoes, you may never understand their journey. Never judge a person. One day you may have to walk in their shoes and travel that same journey.

As I sat in pure silence the other day, I began to think about many things but what disturbed me most is how I can minister to, support, and celebrate others yet cannot minister to myself when others fail me. And begin to doubt myself when they disappoint me. This is an area I deeply struggle with. I keep praying and asking God for help, seeking deliverance. Yet, no matter how hard I try to look away and ignore things I see around me that are not what I desire them to be, at times it can be difficult to appreciate the things I’ve accomplished without feeling guilty. I feel I’ve not done enough. I fail to celebrate my own accomplishments when I feel stuck.

I’ve accomplished many things in my life that I am proud of. Some goals I set for myself have been met years ago. Without God, it would not have been possible. However at times, I find it difficult to see what good it has done because I’m still waiting for something to happen. Just when I think I am on the right track, something happens and set me back. Only to have to start all over again. But with God, I still manage to make it look good on me from start to end.

I dress well. I look the part. I don’t look like what I’ve been through. No one knows what’s going on deep inside my heart. Yes, at times I find myself hurt, disappointed, discouraged, and confused. With God, I cannot lose. I refuse to let it hinder me. I keep trusting God in spite of adversity. I am believing he will see me through no matter what people may do to me.

When I allow negative thoughts to enter my mind, I become angry, confused as tears begin to fall from my eyes. Like water flowing from an imaginary faucet that don’t seem real. I tell myself, I may be distraught but I refuse to become desperate. Yet I begin to question myself asking God, “Am I doing something wrong? Is it something I’m failing to see?” I have my moments. I begin to doubt his ability. I ask him, “Why does it seem everyone around me is growing but me”? But in a split second I realize, it’s not them. It’s me. When I look over my life and see how far God has brought me, I have grown and still am growing.

I may miss the mark and not understand all that God does because it’s not for me to understand all he does. But what I do know, wherever God takes me, is the place I need to grow to do what he has called me to do. That I may bring forth what he has already planned for me. He has me right in the place he needs me to be.

Immediate circumstances will change what you believe, if you let it. No matter what you face, don’t let it. I cannot be paralyzed by fear. I’ve learned to accept failure as a blessing. No one can stop me from believing God’s plan for my life. God has birthed a vision in me and I have faith it will manifest in the natural.

It is not enough to be in the right place, you have to be there at the right time. God is always on time. When God wants to take you to a different level, let him. But he can’t do it when you continue to stay in your comfort level. God conceived a vision in you. He want to give birth to the vision he conceived in you. He wants to take you from Egypt to the “promised land”. Get up! Say to yourself, “Every day I will do something”. To propel me to reach my destiny. What God has for me is for me.

Understand this, whatever God does in your life is to get you in the right place at the right time for His Will to be done. Don’t let your circumstances cause you to miss your blessings. When you know God’s Word is true, in the face of anything, stand on it, believe in all things, and not fall for anything. Have an attitude of gratitude. Don’t curse your situation. Nobody can stop you from fulfilling God’s plan for your life. Trust Him. God gave YOU a vision.

Know that you’re not done until the vision is completed. God will complete it! Learn to accept failure as a blessing. And if that don’t work, look to the word of God. “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6)

We can never imagine all that God has in store for us. Move from complaining to worshiping and praising Him. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” – but God has revealed it to us by his spirit. (1 Cor 1:9-10) Don’t be afraid to endure hardship. Be hopeful. Have courage to press on. This world is not all there is. The best is yet to come.

God gave you a vision. Believe it or not, you’re pregnant with possibilities. There will be birthing pains before delivery. Reflect not on what you don’t have but what God has done for you. The righteous shall live by his faith. You will birth the vision. God will deliver in his timing!

No matter what we may go through or what people do to us, it is God who celebrates, elevates, and sustains us. Rejoice! God is our keeper.

Be blessed! –JD

Habakkuk 2:2 “And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”


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Happy National Girlfriends Day!

Celebrate the many connections you’ve made with women around the world in honor of this day. There are many who may have influenced your life for the better not just today but on any given day.

Then there are friends who are a source of inspiration that are there for you whenever. And will have your back when you meet with storms in times of trouble and stormy weather.

Appreciate those who motivate and celebrate you in spite of you. Show love even to those who don’t celebrate you because in spite of, they need love too. There are even ones who work to empower you in their commitment and dedication. And will be a source of support to help you reach your fullest potential that you may arrive safely to your destination.

Today is not a day to honor just one person, but many. Cherish long-lasting or short-lived friendships that bind you together as women. In some way we all have managed to form a circle of trust to enrich the lives of one another. We’ve changed the world in the sharing of love and knowledge for the betterment of all our sisters and brothers.

Godly connections are most valuable too. Wise counsel, sound advice from true girlfriends will speak truth in love and won’t ever say things to hurt you. But instead will build you up with words of inspiration and encouragement to guide you. They will support you even when you make mistakes. The respect you will have for one another. What a difference it will make.

What comes out of their mouth sometimes can be for your own good. Even when you don’t want to hear it, they will speak out of love. They will listen to understand and will speak to be understood. And will agree to disagree for the sake of sisterhood. They will love you, flaws and all, and will be there for you. To pick you up or catch you when you fall because they care about you.

Quality, sincere friendships are hard to come by and can take a long time to develop. When nurtured, lasting friendships and strong connections will last forever.

Spend some quality time with all the special women friends in your circle of trust. Find a way to connect who those who may be separated by distance. It is a must. Spend some quality phone time. Make a special call to let them know you’re thinking of them today. Call even if it’s to briefly say “I love you,” from miles away.

Remember the lives of girlfriends or friends you may have lost and loved ones who have passed away. Cherish their memory when thinking of happy times and the many things you may have shared on this day.

And now I will leave you with these words as I say, Happy National Girlfriends Day!

Girl power is in full effect! In honor of National Girlfriends Day, women across the world are now calling all mentors, world changers, those who persevered, triumphed, and paved the way. And we mustn’t forget to show love for our “best-est” BFF girlfriends today.

Make today special. Share a kind word or gesture. Be thankful for your “best friend, girlfriend,” circle of trust friends, and special connections. Call; send a text; or an Instagram; or an email; power up Skype to commemorate today’s special event. Let this be a new day of new beginnings. Make new friends. Relinquish grudges, bitterness, or resentment.

Make godly connections. Share with others one of your favorite expressions. You don’t know how much it will mean in the life of someone who may be hurting or could be going through. Send virtual hugs. Make a difference.  Live in the overflow of God’s love. Let your light shine through.

In honor of this special day, I am sending lots of huge hugs and warm kisses to my closest and dearest BFFs, girlfriends, sister friends who are near and far away. I may not be in your presence physically or daily, but I am here in spirit and love each of you dearly not just today but every day. I salute you and wish you a very happy National Girlfriends Day!

Be blessed! -JD

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Rejoice In Disappointments

Cape Disappointment State Park

Cape Disappointment State Park (Photo credit: dalem)

Every day we are faced with life’s disappointments. We can become disappointed by a number of things which can be hard to accept.

Sometimes jobs can be hard to find but disappointing when easy to lose. Relationships can be developed over time but disappointing when easily lost in a matter of seconds, days, weeks, months, less than years oftentimes over trivial matters.

True friendships can be hard to find but acquaintances can be easy to discover when in search of a life we choose to live in secret and undercover. One that may not be centered on Christ but exist clearly out of our need for a social life.

The unexpected loss of a loved one can bring disappointment as well as hurt beyond measure but hard to recover because a heart cannot be easily mended. We can encounter individuals who lack compassion, sensitivity, respect, or are just plain mean with hardened hearts but will easily offend us.

Disappointment can come in various forms, but basically it simply means we are disappointed by the world which oftentimes will bring a lack of trust, destruction, and warped perception.

But the one thing I find most disturbing is disappointment with self when we already know what is to be expected when we encounter certain situations in life, especially ones that are not in our control. And what can be even more frustrating is how we handle it. Because many times we want what we want, when we want it, how we want it. And will use any means necessary to see that we get it. Overlooking the fact that some things will not happen the way we want but instead will happen exactly the way God plans it.

As believers, we are given the astute advantage of knowing how to deal with disappointments in life because we have God’s Word as a resource that can bring clarity and wisdom. It will allow us to be conscious of the decisions we make when faced with it. We must be open to change. Face reality and know that disappointment cannot be avoided. However, we are to expect the unexpected but never forget God in the process.

When faced with problems that are beyond our control, we are to persevere and seek God. It is at this time we will seek to do and not seek to ask why. It is our opportunity to grow and mature in our relationship with God when we profess our troubles to him. And ask what is it he wants us to do with this and not what we are led to believe we are to do with it.

It is through our experiences that will help us learn to trust God. It’s a component of how we grow spiritually and mature in character. It helps us to grow in faith. Faith requires us to trust that God has a better plan even when we cannot see it or understand it. We learn to depend on God and not ourselves.

Disappointments are part of the norm. It’s to be expected. But even more so, sometimes God uses circumstances and allows disappointments to strengthen us and compel us to fully trust him. That we may avoid believing we can live life apart from Him. It is our opportunity to move closer to Him even in the midst of our deepest disappointments. Because God does not desire that we look to man or our circumstances but to Him.

If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it. He will show you what he needs you to do and will equip you to do it. Respond to life’s circumstances positively rather than negatively. Trust that God’s provision will give you the power to sustain and overcome no matter the result.  Choose to walk not by the flesh but in the way God has made available through the Holy Spirit.

God promises that nothing, I mean nothing will happen that he does not have control. He will work it out for our good and His glory. We may disappoint God many times, but he never gives up on us. Don’t give up on him. By his grace, move forward.

Rejoice in disappointments.

Be blessed! –JD

Habakkuk 3:17-19 NKJV “Though the fig tree may not blossom, Nor fruit be on the vines; Though the labor of the olive may fail, And the fields yield no food; Though the flock may be cut off from the fold, And there be no herd in the stalls— 18 Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation 19 The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer’s feet, And He will make me walk on my high hills…”


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