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Make a Mental “Note to Self” Today. Decide to Love, Respect, and Value Yourself, First and ALWAYS!

Note to Self 3Note to Self: “I decided to change some things for the better. I will no longer be inconvenienced by people who refuse to or don’t want to do better. I won’t accept excuses anymore from those who choose to complain and remain bitter. Or those who perpetuate instability or violate my existence. Not because I’m being ugly or inconsiderate. But because I don’t do well wasting time on people or things that don’t deserve my attention.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I prefer to value what I believe is of value to me, and will no longer support the ideas of discouragement or disloyalty. I’ve lost the will to keep giving of myself to one-sided relationships. And will no longer waste my loyalty or time on undeserving friendships.

I refuse to be hindered by senseless chatter, gossipers, haters, and pettiness. I am far too intelligent to stoop below my level for the sake of inconvenience. I no longer have no reason to celebrate anyone that does not choose to celebrate me. Or be in the company of those who breed negativity. I can do bad all by myself. Believe it or not, I don’t need anyone’s help.

I vow to ALWAYS celebrate me. I promise to appreciate my losses, failures, and disappointments as a blessing. “Don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin.” For those who choose to wallow in self-pity and feel sorry for themselves, I will pray for your deliverance. I will not live beneath my standards nor will I accept the sub-standard. I don’t do well with breaking old habits. I can’t keep trying to please everyone. I fail miserably at long-distance relationships when I’m the only one in it. I broke up with bitterness and resentment and forgave those who chose not to stay. I sent them thank you cards to express my gratitude for leaving that day.

Words cannot express what you did for me. You taught me how to stop putting you first and learn to love me. I fell madly in love with myself. In those dark moments, I found myself. I discovered so many wonderful things about my inhibitions. I am fit, fabulous, fierce, and truly gifted. I’m beautiful, strong-willed, strong-minded, and determined. Things that were hidden in me found their way to the surface. I don’t require validation or confirmation to know my self-worth. In my weaknesses, I found my strengths. I won’t make the same mistake twice to live for you, and not me. If I do, shame on me.

I decided to stop looking for the approval of others. Perseverance became one of my best friends. I adopted humility, self-confidence, self-respect, self-worth, and selflessness as my closest friends. My friends taught me how to love and respect ME. Myself and I promised to stand in the gap for me.

I discovered the beauty of life while traveling this long journey. It pushed me beyond my limits. I found the key to success, is my, not your, happiness. I won’t let the opinions of others stagnate my progress. Low self-esteem has been erased from my vocabulary. I married my life-long confidant called Liberty. I will live and not die. Me, myself and I, now have my full, undivided attention.

I released the past, forgave myself, and forgave those who chose not to find forgiveness. I value me and the life I have been given. I will no longer be bound by anything that will keep me from my reaching my destiny. I found a new life and changed my name to VICTORY.” -JOAYNN

Be blessed! -JD


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Yes, God Can Use You!

To lose your identity because of your past is to devalue your worth as a result of it. Take joy in knowing this. Your past does not define you. God defines you. God loves you. Know your worth. In God’s eyes you are worthy.

To be driven by what others think about you based on your past is to deny your belief in what God knows about you based on your future.  God knows the plans he has for your future. Don’t let the attitudes and opinions of others distract you from what God has already planned for your future.

For years I kept denying God’s plan for my life in my refusal to consistently follow him. I refused to follow his order. I was disobedient. I resisted every attempt I made when it came time to reading the Bible to understand, learn, and grow in knowledge of God even though I was raised in the church and knew who God was. I knew how much he loved me. I wasn’t sure what he desired of me. Yet I allowed the lack of love from others define me. I used a million reasons as excuses to why God could not use me.

I had many flaws. I used to think I was not of value to God. I didn’t think I had anything to offer Him. I had low self-esteem and I was resentful towards people who didn’t look like me but felt looked better than me. I went through life hating (yes hating) myself because I was too skinny and thought I was not beautiful enough. I was too short, thought I was worthless, and I would never be a model because I was not tall enough. I could sing but felt I would never become a gospel recording artist or entertainment singer because I did not meet society’s criteria. I allowed the world to define my character.

I made matters worse by allowing others to define my self-worth. I kept holding on to the opinions of others and past hurts. Letting people convince me I was not beautiful inside because of my ungodly ugliness on the outside. I allowed them to fabricate only to expose hidden blemishes because of my unsubtle ugliness. Then one day I stopped listening to their voices. I listened to that small whisper of God’s voice. He told me, “Do not be dismayed. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are unique. I created you the way you are on purpose. You will be used for my purpose. Man does not define you. I define you.”

Now I’m free. Free of the chains that bound me. I’m no longer bound by my past. Everything I do centers around my Father, whose love and favor towards me will outlast. All that the world may think matters to me. I matter to God. That’s all I need.

God does not look at outer appearances; he looks at your heart. No matter your past hurts or flaws, you can be used by God. Your past does not define you. Your past is only a reflection of the things you managed, with the help of God, to get through. It is a mirror image of your future. You are chosen by God. Regardless of what you may have done or who you are. Step out of your comfort zone. You can still be used by God.

People may never appreciate, value, or think good of you. Don’t let it deter you from believing what God knows is best for you. The plans of God are good and perfect. God does all things in decency and in order. His plan is perfect.

Yes, God can use you! Don’t let others define you. Your past will not stop God from using you. Let go of doubt, fear, and lack of faith. Make a declaration today.” I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. I am unique. I am God’s masterpiece. My past WILL NOT define me. God can use me!”

Be blessed! –JD

Ephesians 2:10 “God has made us what we are, and in our union with Christ Jesus he has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do.”


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