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Hands Up Don’t Spend One Day Will Not Solve the Problem – America, Pick Your Battles Wisely

wpid-img_20141101_125554.jpgPlease forgive me if I may sound a little indifferent or lack compassion in response to what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri but I am having difficulty understanding what purpose will Hands Up Don’t Spend on Black Friday serve?

One day will not solve the problem.  If you’re going to boycott businesses believing it will make an economic impact, instead why not make it more than one day but make it ongoing. Because what I can see happening is business will be forced to hurriedly come up with a new game plan and most likely will change or extend the sale days to appeal to the customer on another day. It may be as close as Saturday. They are already anticipating the loss with news of the proposed boycott, so don’t you think they have met with upper management to put another plan in place? Take a moment and let that sink in.

While I have never been one to participate in Black Friday because of my own personal beliefs, I do not see the benefit in having people not shop this day to make a statement. When in fact it should be more than believing that not giving our money to established businesses “one day” will solve the problem.

Which prompts me to ask, Will it stop the violence? Will it stop the injustices or racial divide we continue to see across America? Will it bring back loved ones lost because of injustice, wrongful death, or anything that we believe brought about the injustice out of our failure to truly understand the real issue at hand?

I believe in order to make a positive impact surrounding race relations, racial divide, or social injustice we need to seriously talk about it and not just be about it. The solution should result in change, not conflict. I also believe what would be of benefit to curve the stigma of social injustice would be to put a plan in action that will directly affect the people responsible for what we clearly believe is contributing to the problem in America.

Believe it or not, it’s not having people not spend their money on what some may feel is an important day to save prior to the holidays or any day for that matter, but it starts with voting or removing those out of office who are perpetuating the problem.

Take a moment and think about how this would be if the tables were reversed and black businesses were boycotted? Do you think this would solve any problems for them? Do you think it would hurt their businesses? Or do you think it makes any sense to choose this plan of action to gain attention or solve a problem I believe has nothing to do with the real problem in America.

In my opinion, I think we should really sit down, think about what it is we as a nation need to do collectively to move forward by creating an effective plan of action, long-term, that will result in change, not in our pockets but in our hearts.

Race has been and always will be an issue in America. It is ongoing. We may believe we have come far but we still have a long ways to go. Yet no matter how racially divided we are, we may not ever be able to come together as a race or as a nation for that matter if we cannot come together peacefully to find resolve.

We must stop using an ineffective thought process to fix a broken system that has been broken forever but instead think rationally, pull from our resources, and meet with government officials and agencies who have the power to make a difference. Be the change you want to see and not the change you are not seeing. Thank you. And I approve this message.

When the climate seems dry, outdated, and your options are all dried up. Change the climate, dance in the rain, and water the dry season. – Signed Me

Be blessed! -JD

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